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Master origami artist John Montroll makes magic out of simple pieces of paper. From birds to dinosaurs, Montroll is extensive repertoire makes you want to get folding too.

Folded paper can be turned into many things from simple animals and boxes, to complex dragons and insects. This lovely black and white zebra is part of Montroll is creative Origami Inside Out series made by using two coloured paper.

Montroll’s first book Origami for the Enthusiast was published in 1980. The book was pioneering because it was the first origami book where each model is folded from a single square and by making no cuts.

A very realistic looking praying mantis is another model from the Insects series. Montroll continued to design new models, each from a single square of paper and discovered many techniques to further this art. In the same book he also introduced the origami term double rabbit ear fold. This had a big impact on origami worldwide and was a huge influence on the way the art has been practised since.

It is a wonderful experience to take just an ordinary flat sheet of paper, and just simply with the act of folding, convert it into a bird that flaps its wings, create a realistic elephant or a black and white zebra. Origami is for everyone, says Montroll.

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