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Award-winning landscape designer Michael Glassman converts a neglected backyard into a functional and stylish space with a personal touch. The challenge was to convert the backyard into a contemporary paradise.

The renovated backyard is now cosy and functional. Outdoor seating encourages eating by the pool and the design is cohesive leading to a seamless blend of the inside and the outside.

Glassman and his team gave the tea house a new lease of life by opening it up, installing new laser cut decorative steel panels, adding a new roof and painting the structure a bright red.

Concealed outdoor lighting illuminates the pathway and accentuates the plants after dark. For the flooring, Glassman used coloured broom finished concrete to give it a more contemporary appearance.

The renovated backyard now has a focal point that is not only artistic but also acts as a privacy screen. The splash of colour is welcome and along with the greenery, the space is now a pleasant place all year round.

One of the three tile murals commissioned by Glassman from the owner, a part time tile artist.

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